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It's targeted at liberating the Souls of people that have been plagued by these psychological and psychosocial challenges such as anxiety, fears,worries,stress ,depression, mood-swings and many more.
They are callers on both ends. Kindly refer to terminologies on whitepaper for detailed information
Because they attend to humans with delicate needs and demands hence the need for their degree of specialty or skillful deployment
Yes, We have a whitepaper? You can download it from the website
It's confidentiality, pseudo-anonymousity, non-stigmatization, affordability, and environmental based solution approach preference and feedback prompt from Soullibees
We are yet to release our tokens and we are to leverage on Polygon Network.
Yes. The vesting period of each of the tokens are listed in the whitepaper
The team is not anonymous. Details of the team members can be seen in the website and whitepaper
All things been equal, the Dapp will be launched by the first quarter of 2022 as stated in the roadmap
The tokens will be listed, maximum 4 weeks after the main sale
Decentralised is peer-to-peer and Soullib exists on a decentralised framework. Hence, it is peer-to-peer
It will have options for payment of Soullib calls but not at inception. We will see to that after due consultation with regulatory authorities
The categorization is as much as we have various works of life and even those which are yet to be institutionally categorized in a global perspective. Hence, they aren't too much but meeting needs in various works of life
A call under 20 minutes will suffice for any brief meaningful conversation. Hence, the time frame is sufficient for a Soullib session

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