A depressed world is a dying world

Humans everyday, battle with unlimited issues of frustration, depression, stress, mood-swings and anxiety. These anxieties are mostly kept hidden, as individuals try to solve these problems on their own.

The best way to lift depression and alleviate these anxieties is when the affected individuals engage in simple 10-20 minutes conversations.

The Soullib platform is here to profer high level of human communication

Focusing on people who need a listening ear, and it’s also a forum where daily discussions can take place on a peer-to-peer level.

Soullib Conversations are:




Our Platform

We are a modern business networking platform aimed at connecting people with like-minded, insightful business professionals and veterans across all fields

Our Vision

Liberating a world dying from depression through the usage of a community-driven blockchain Dapp.

Our Mission

The Soullib ultimate mission is to lift life's weights or burdens of the world by creating the right communication platform that also empowers them with the emotional strength to battle life's challenges

Soullib Architecture

Soullib Tokenomics

A breakdown of the Slib token distribution across the Soullib Eco-system.

Fund Allocation

Funds generated from slib token sales will be used accordingly.

Soullib Road Map


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